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< date=November 28, 2023>

Veecle closed 2.6m € seed round

Veecle Raises 2.6m € Seed Round to Bring Software-Defined-Cars to Automakers

< date=October 1, 2023>

Veecle at EuroRust

Meet us at EuroRust in Brussels from October 11 - 13. Use the Veecle software hands-on!

< date=June 21, 2023>

Veecle at MOVE London

We are at MOVE - Mobility re-imanaged, in London!

Veecle 1.0 - Develop complex features much faster.

We are the pioneers of the next era in vehicle development. Veecle is a modern, Rust-based in-vehicle software stack. It’s designed to work on top of an existing E/E architecture and adds high-level functions to existing components, enabling them to tap into modern cloud services securely.

The Challange

Current vehicles run on numerous separate computer systems, each with its own language. This setup makes adding new features costly and prone to errors.

Our Solution

We empower manufacturers by giving them a dynamic toolbox for vehicle design and development, fostering an environment of innovation and creativity. With Veecle, manufacturers are no longer passengers – they’re in the driver’s seat.

The Impact

Our disruptive approach reduces costs, accelerates feature development, and unlocks potential for unique offerings and new revenue streams. It’s not just an improvement—it’s a revolution.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve toward a more digital, connected future, Veecle is leading the way. We’re not just refining the way vehicles are made - we’re transforming it entirely. Check out our Product page and Veecle 1.0 release!

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