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< date=April 4, 2024>

Veecle provides Rust Software for Infineon

The first Rust automotive software stack running on the world’s #1 automotive processor: is from Veecle!

< date=February 29, 2024>

Veecle Silver Member of Rust Foundation

Veecle is a Silver Member 🥈 and sponsor 🎉 of the 🦀Rust Foundation🦀!

< date=November 28, 2023>

Veecle closed 2.6m € seed round

Veecle Raises 2.6m € Seed Round to Bring Software-Defined-Cars to Automakers

Develop complex features much faster.

Streamline the integration of cloud, infotainment, and vehicle systems with Veecle. Our platform ensures that new functionalities seamlessly interact with existing ECUs, bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and established vehicle architecture.

Integrate Effortlessly

Veecle effortlessly cross-connects cloud, infotainment and legacy vehicle systems. You can integrate new apps with legacy code and existing ECUs, avoiding costly hardware changes and redevelopment. Transition to Rust’s safety and efficiency at your own pace, future-proofing your technology stack.

Accelerate Innovation

Veecle’s platform enables swift feature creation and updates, responding promptly to customer feedback. Compete effectively in a market where rapid iteration and tech integration are essential, even against vertically integrated rivals.

Open Source

Veecle champions transparency and collaboration with fully open source reference implementations. Access all underlying code to build upon, customize, and innovate within your own systems, backed by a community dedicated to automotive excellence.

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