We’ve converted this passenger car to run on veecle technology - in just 6 months. This is significantly faster than the state of the art in the auto industry.

We’ve left most ECUs of the original car in place (e.g. steering, battery management, inverter) and built on top:

  1. RGB LED matrix as headlights that can display user profiles
  2. veecle controls body control functions (central locking, lights, wiper, tailgate)
  3. veecle controls HVAC system
  4. veecle controls comfort functions (seat & mirror positions)
  5. Vehicle functions are programmed in isolated Apps that control existing ECUs. For instance, one app loads the seat position from a user profile and another controls the music volume when the window opens.


We’ve created a versatile driving platform, the Development Kit, or DevKit for short, that runs on 100% veecle software. It’s purpose is to do feasibility analysis on customer request and to easily add new sensors and 3rd party services.

The DevKit is

  1. equipped with 4 x 1000W in-wheel, brushless DC motors
  2. 4 individually addressable motor inverters over CAN
  3. 2 individually steerable wheels to implement Ackerman steering in software
  4. Aluminium extrusion mounting slots to be able to attach all sorts of sensors, actuators or accessories on top
  5. Powered using Power over Data Lines (PoDL) Ethernet, making extensions super easy since no addition to the wiring harness is required.

Example use-case 1

Veecle allows to change the programming of vehicles during production so that they support the workers in the factory. E.g.,

  • open the tailgate right before a worker needs to screw something in the trunk,
  • test brake lights, indicator lights and so on while vehicle is moving on the conveyor belt,
  • allow the production engineer to change those helper functions on-the-fly at the factory floor to improve efficiency of production.

Example use-case 2

Veecle allows different drivers with different drivers licenses to drive the same car. The car will automatically adapt the maximum velocity and peak power output to EU regulation for a particular drivers license (e.g. 16 years old).