October 26, 2022

We're 1st! 🥇


We’re hyped and honored to have won the prestigious “Most promising startup in the automobile sector” price!

Awesome job to everyone on our team!

What a first day! And not just because of our rebranding. We are super happy to announce that we created an unprecedented moment in the history of Automobilwoche Kongress: winning a shared first-place with the truly awesome start-up Pionix, as voted by the Automobilwoche audience. This amazing event also showed just how tight the nomination process was. The other start-ups are just as worthy for the nomination. Congrats and kudos to DeepDrive, ZYNC, ONOMOTION (ONO), Easelink and Goggo Network as well!

The last few months made our product more mature, deep, and refined. Thanks to each and every one of our Veecleneers. It’s truly a pleasure and an honor to work alongside you.