Veecle Playground is a standalone product designed to provide you with an accessible and comprehensive platform for exploring and understanding the capabilities of the Veecle software stack, without the need for deep integration into automotive hardware.


  • Universal Access through Browsers: By being universally accessible via web browsers, the Playground ensures that developers can explore and interact with Veecle’s capabilities regardless of their hardware setup or location.
  • Immediate Feedback and Rapid Iteration: Unlike the deeper hardware-integrated solutions, the Playground has much quicker feature iterations to demonstrate its versatility. This agile approach ensures that the platform evolves in direct response to user needs and preferences, making development cycles more efficient and responsive.
  • Independence from Proprietary Knowledge: The Playground operates without requiring detailed knowledge of the customer’s proprietary protocols or systems. The last mile (wipers, seats, lights, …) are a simulation in the browser, avoiding knowledge of the exact network protocols to command an actuator. This independence simplifies the engagement process for you, as it removes barriers to entry related to specialized knowledge or access to specific technologies.

Coming Soon

The Playground is not ready yet - In the meantime get inspired by checking out or demo and customer projects.

Veecle architecture