Our Android Automotive Plugin allows for the development on the Android Automotive framework which can interact with the vehicle functions safely and effectively via NoS.

The Android Vehicle Hardware Abstraction Layer (VHAL) is a part of the Android Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) that facilitates the communication with in-vehicle networks (IVN)⁠. Veecle NoS can be used to develop the VHAL in Rust.

This approach allows to abstract from vehicle details (e.g. which CAN packets are used for climate control) while enabling pure Android developers to design UIs and write working code that can interact with the vehicle in a safe manner. Android apps send and receive data over the VHAL, which in turn talks to the vehicle over NoS over supported backends like ROS(2), CAN, etc.

Veecle provides tools and pipelines that autogenerates middleware representation and conversion functions from/into VHAL supported types.

Veecle architecture

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